Multithreading is cool… Like fireworks…

At the tail end of a discussion over the best way to do a piece of threading a colleague came up with the simile I have as the title for this post. I liked it so much, I’ve sort of adopted it as a general guideline for approaching multi-threading.

See it applies in a couple of ways.

1. Threading can keep a user looking at something pretty, while a bunch of things go on below the surface like fireworks and the firemen who used to run around lighting them when I was a kid in the country.

2. Threading can be extremely powerful, but needs to be used responsibly. Otherwise, you can end up without some of your digits!

3. If you use common sense both threading and fireworks can produce really good results, with very little effort and danger.

Anywho – after our discussion it seems I had piqued John’s interest as about an hour later he sent me a bunch of articles on threading which were really good reads so I thought I’d share a couple…

Threading in C# – Joseph Albahari covers a a few different ways to approach synchronisation Use Thread Local Storage – Doug Doedens which talks about thread level storage, which is a concept I hadn’t heard of before but reminds me a little of the Session object in ASP.NET. The second article comes with a VB warning though 😛


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