Outlook hangs on load in Vista

I’ve been having trouble booting up Outlook recently on my Vista machine. Every time I kick it off the UI appears, and then it hangs. It will eventually become responsive again, but it was taking a while.

So I booted up process explorer (procexp) and checked out what was going on. The first thing I noticed was that the vista search indexer was using about 50-60% of my CPU power! Wait a minute! What’s it indexing?

Turns out it indexes my email! So I jumped into the indexing options (Control Panel –> Indexing Options) and lo and behold Outlook is a default indexed location. I removed it by clicking Modify then unchecking the Outlook item and now I’m up and running with Outlook once more without the hang on load!


4 thoughts on “Outlook hangs on load in Vista

  1. Tatham Oddie

    The Vista search indexer is what Outlook uses itself to do email search, so turning off this indexing will prevent that index from being refreshed. Are you now using a tool like Xobni for Outlook searching instead?

  2. stephengodbold Post author

    True. I use Xobni, which I find to be a much better search tool as well as not slowing down my Outlook UI anywhere near as much as Vista indexer…

  3. Forrest

    I used Steve’s recommendation and Outlook runs like it was given a laxative. Instead of just checking Outlook, I reset defaults. Everything runs faster. Windows explorer before this was even running slow. Now even that accesses faster.

    I’m one happy camper… OOH RAH!



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