Tech Ed 2008 – My Perspective

This year marks my first tech ed attendance, and what a way to do it. I caught a few sessions – my favourite two were Richards Unity session which I found to be right at the level I was after, and Scott Hanslemans MVC session which the demo (or the Tech Ed network) bombed in. One of the marks of a good presenter is there ability to either fail gracefully or continue on as if nothing was going wrong and Scott managed both I think (one after the other).

Other than that I got to spend a bit of time catching up with people, I got to meet a bunch of new people at the event, and even managed to get up and do a chalk and talk session! Which just happened to be my first ever technical (I use the word loosely) session.

It was great to see the massive involvement of all the Readify guys and the way we banded together when Damo put out the call for Chalk and Talk speakers or the guys that jumped into the DevGarten to help out with the project and the fact that they still came out with something after about a day and a half chasing some kind of network connectivity to the remote TFS instance etc. etc!

All in all I had a great 4 days and would really like to say a big thanks to the guys behind the curtain that put so much effort into planning, prepping and pulling off what really is a massive event! So THANKS!!!


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