Canberra .Net User Group – VS 2010 Resource Post

The slide deck for the session including the links are available from here in my SkyDrive. Thanks to everyone who came, and I hope you’ve caught the VS2010 bug!

I must say a really big thanks to Peter Sullivan and Bud de Silva for helping me out with hardware this week. The demo was done on Peter’s laptop and external HDD and I got the CTP from Bud and had his drive as a backup in case things went south with the CTP on Peters. Cheers guys – I couldn’t have done the talk without your help!

If you liked the presentation, and would be interested in seeing it again – or if you’d like to show it to somebody else let me know and I can either try and Camtasia it (not sure about Camtasia and the CTP memory wise) or I can even give it again in person after the holiday season!


2 thoughts on “Canberra .Net User Group – VS 2010 Resource Post

    1. stephengodbold Post author

      Hi Erik,

      Email me at the address on my contact details page and I’ll see if I can find out if there is a session coming up in your area.



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