Code Camp Oz 2009 – Resource Post

As promised, here’s the resource post for yesterdays VS2010 talk!

The VS2010 CTP can be converted into a Hyper-V image, which is how I was using it during yesterdays demos. If you have Hyper-V head over here to Grant Holliday’s blog to find out how to turn the VPC image into Hyper-V.

Additionally, unfortunately the CTP has actually expired – but fortunately there is a workaround, which is available on Cameron Skinners blog over here.

There are a group of good walkthroughs for a lot of the features I demo’d in the CTP. They are a great place to start looking around. Be sure to also check out the Channel 9 videos from PDC 2008.

If you’ve got any questions around anything in the CTP, or anything you asked in during the presentation that I couldn’t cover at the time feel free to contact me via my email on stephen.godbold @ by removing the spaces.

Link Summary

Update: As requested, my slide deck is now available on slide share. You can get it here.


3 thoughts on “Code Camp Oz 2009 – Resource Post

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    1. stephengodbold Post author

      Hi Ekasenna,

      I’ve updated the post with a link to the deck on slide share.



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