Code Camp – VS2010 Q & A

There were a couple of questions I didn’t answer on the spot during my presentation so I thought I’d throw the answers up here for those who are interested. I’m sure there were more questions than just these, but thanks to it being early on a Monday and not having had my daily caffeine ration – they have slipped my mind for now.

If you did ask a question, and I haven’t covered it please send it through (stephen.godbold @ and I’ll update this post with the answer.

Q: Does the manual test runner work for WinForms apps as well as web?
A: Yes. Amit Chatterjee has indicated there is support for Web, WinForms and WPF.

Q. Can you build a fully automated test from a test automation strip recorded by the manual test runner? e.g. Something to use as a basis for load tests.
A: Yes. Test automation strips can be turned into Coded UI tests which can be run in a fully automated fashion. These can also be associated with a data source, to provide coverage of a set of scenarios. See here for how to create a coded UI test (from scratch) and here for how to set them up with a data context.

Q: Will the automation work with javascripts actions? Currently Team System 2008 does not support this.
A: Yes. The recording with faithfully reproduce javascript initiated actions of both synchronous and asynchronous nature. Thanks go to Mathew Aniyan for his prompt reply on this one!


3 thoughts on “Code Camp – VS2010 Q & A

  1. Bruce Mcleod

    My question was will the automation work with a javascripts web page. Currently Team System 2008 does not support this.

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  3. stephengodbold Post author

    Hi Bruce – sorry for the delay. I’ve updated the post with your question, and the answer. If you have any more questions – please feel free to either post here or send me an email!



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