TFS to Quality Centre Connector – The Official Word

If you go looking for info on the quality center connector you’ll most likely find Jim Lambs blog entry which points back to the connect site for the connector. The problem here is that the connector documentation clearly specifies that this release is of pre-release quality and should not be considered for production systems.

While this isn’t an issue in itself – there’s not much more info out there on the path forward for the connector. I sent an email through to Jim via his blog to see if I could get an idea on what the plan was for the connector. He got back to me within a day to indicate that the connector was effectively not resourced and most likely won’t achieve a production release quality.

With 2010 on the horizon, this isn’t all that surprising as the team is quite busy. The good news is that Jim also indicated that the team are working on a connector for the next version of the product to ensure a path forward for those intending to use Quality Centre with TFS!


3 thoughts on “TFS to Quality Centre Connector – The Official Word

  1. Russell

    Any more news on this? Really need a connector for 2010.
    Will the 2008 one work with 2010? Anyone tried that?

    1. Steve Godbold Post author

      Hi Russ,

      Are you looking for a connector to sync the two tools or a migration tool? There is a migration tool that has been written by a fellow MVP Shai Raiten but I’m not sure of it’s status.

      I’ve put the Juvander tool in place for TFS 2008 sync and it appears they have a 2010 version on the way as well. Might pay to bounce an email off them and see what their timetable is.

      Hope some of this proves useful!


      1. Russell

        I need sync functionality.
        Any word on if the 2008 version will work adequately in the 2010 realm?

        Sounds like everyone has one “in the works” but noone has anything released anywhere.
        I BADLY need a solution soon to be able to enable scenarios for my TFS rollout. It could actually make or break my TFS proof of concept for the business if I can’t provide this. I really want to use TFS badly, so need something.

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