Canberra VSTS User Group – October Meeting

0810 – 0830: VSTS Breakfast

Share a bite to eat with the Canberra VSTS group. Bring your VSTS queries and triumphs and share them!
Quiz your peers on how they are getting the most out of VSTS, and maybe pick up some ideas you can take to work with you.

0830 – 0930 : Session – Using TFS in High Performance Teams

Tatham Oddie – Senior Consultant at Readify, Technical Lead at and an ASP.NET MVP presents a session on his experiences with working in a high performance team with TFS. In his own words…

The redevelopment of, Australia’s largest e-commerce site, was a relatively typical IT project; short deadlines, massively changing scope, and a high level of resource churn. Come along to this month’s Canberra VSTS Breakfast to hear how TFS made the delivery of this project possible.

We’ll discuss the development processes we used, how we extended TFS to enable these processes and the myriad of lessons we learnt along the way. Some of the things we’ll cover are:

  • Empowering developers & testers to work together
    • TFS deployer
    • Environment pooling
  • Decoupling deployments from sprints
    • Branch strategies
    • Rapid & Regular delivery
    • Flickr: “10 deployments a day”
  • Work Management
    • What we customised and why
    • The life of a Product Backlog Item

This is a session not to be missed! Register now at


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