2010 – off to a great start!

Saturday morning (AEDST) I logged in to my email to check what had arrived overnight. What I wasn’t expecting to find was an e-mail informing me that I’d been awarded Microsoft MVP status! It was quite a shock – as I didn’t even know I’d been nominated, but most definitely a pleasant one.

I’d like to take the opportunity now I’ve had time to recover a little to say thanks to a few people who have contributed to my progress over the last couple of years. Thanks go to Tatham Oddie and Paul Stovell for talking me into (read: signing me up for, then telling me about) my first presentation back in 2008. Anthony Borton for his invaluable mentoring that lead to the re-launch of the Canberra VSTS User Group and all the speakers both past, and future that have graced or will grace the podium at the Canberra VSTS UG. A thanks also to the guys at Readify who have always, and will continue to drive me to work hard so that I can keep up with some of the most talented and passionate IT professionals in the country.

It is in no small part that you have influenced and assisted me, and I am very proud to be both part of both Readify, and the MVP community!


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