TFS 2010 Unboxing – Melbourne

After successful events in Sydney the TFS 2010 Unboxing comes to Melbourne! Check out the details below…


Since 2005, Team Foundation Server (TFS) has been providing integrated version control, work management and build capabilities. The release of TFS 2010 builds on the foundations formed in the earlier 2005 and 2008 products and focuses on lowering the barrier of entry for teams wanting to get the maximum benefit from TFS with minimal implementation fuss.

If you’ve been thinking about adopting TFS, or are just interested to see what it could bring to your development effort this is a great opportunity to experience what TFS 2010 has to offer. In this session you’ll see both myself and our test partners at KJ Ross walk through everything to do with TFS from installation and getting the basics of version control, build and work item tracking running to what is possible with a fully integrated build, test and lab setup.

By the end of the half-day session you will:

  • be able to install and configure TFS to suit your need
  • understand the benefits that SharePoint and SQL Reporting can bring as optional extras
  • know the role TFS plays in each of the SDLC disciplines and how it can add value

This is definitely an opportunity not to be missed!

The details:

What: TFS Unboxed – A journey through 2010

When: Monday the 2nd of August (morning and afternoon sessions available)

Who: Stephen Godbold (Readify), Dr Mark Pedersen and Dr Tafline Murnane (KJ Ross)

Where: Microsoft, Melbourne – Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank

Cost: $75 (includes light refreshments)

Register for the morning session here or the afternoon session here


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