A living list of the presentations I’ve done over time. If you’d like more info or a representation of a session, don’t hesitate to contact me on the details available on the ‘About Me‘ page.

Continuous Delivery

New Zealand Visual Studio ALM Conference
Wellington, New Zealand

Sydney .Net User Group
Microsoft, Sydney

We’ve all heard the story of Flickr and their multiple production deployments in a single day. It sounds like a great place to be, but like the slogan says ‘it won’t happen overnight’. In this session Steve Godbold will take you through some of the practices that facilitate this kind of rapid response to change. We’ll look at some of the principals that make up a continuous delivery pipeline, how they are applied through the practices, and how to work out which areas to tackle in an existing pipeline.

Scrum and TFS 2010

Hobart .Net  User Group

Hobart, Australia

Canberra VS ALM User Group
Canberra, Australia

In this session Steve Godbold will start with an overview of Scrum, before delving into how you can use Team Foundation Server to facilitate your Scrum delivery efforts. We will look at how TFS can be used to provide the information you need throughout a sprint. We’ll also look at practices that help you build quality into your application, and how TFS and Visual Studio support these practices through layers of automated quality assurance.

From Zero to Team Environment in an hour with TFS 2010

Tech Ed, Australia
Gold Coast, Australia

In this session you’ll learn how to get the most out of Team Foundation Server’s new ‘basic’ configuration. We’ll start the session with a live configuration of Team Foundation Server, run a sprint planning session, fix a bug or two, and finally set up an automated build to turn our efforts into a deployable package. Yes, you really can do all that in one hour. Once we’ve done all of this we’ll take a look at the options for growing the installation as required to leverage Team Foundation Server’s optional components that surface the valuable information we’ve captured along the way.

TFS Productivity Tools

Tech Ed, Australia
Gold Coast, Australia

Team Foundation Server is primarily used via the Team Explorer interface, but this is just the starting point for its integration into your SDLC activities. In this theatre session Steve Godbold will take you on a tour of some of the many tools that exist to enhance your interaction during activities other than writing code!

TFS Unboxing – A journey through 2010

TFS Unboxing RDN
Microsoft – Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth

Since 2005, Team Foundation Server (TFS) has been providing integrated version control, work management and build capabilities. The release of TFS 2010 builds on the foundations formed in the earlier 2005 and 2008 products and focuses on lowering the barrier of entry for teams wanting to get the maximum benefit from TFS with minimal implementation fuss. Come along to this half day RDN Dev Day event to learn what is involved in getting TFS up and running in your development team.

Build Framework Enhancements in 2010

Australian ALM Conference
Luna Park, Sydney

In this session we’ll walk through the enhancements made to Team Build in 2010. You’ll see the infrastructure enhancements and new features. You’ll learn how to leverage them effectively by applying customisation at the appropriate level to get the most out of your existing and future build investments.

Build 4.0

Canberra VSTS User Group
Microsoft, Canberra

Along with Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 the build framework has had a significant upgrade. In this session we will explore the changes to the infrastructure, MSBuild and Team Build. We’ll also look at how you’ll be able to make use of the new build framework to extend and simplify your builds and show you ways to leverage your existing customisation investments.

VS 2010 – A full team suite

Code Camp Australia 2009,  Sydney .Net User Group
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga
Microsoft, Sydney

Software quality is important. There is no debate about it. The question is, how do we achieve quality? In the application lifecycle management tooling space the current offerings are disparate at best – requiring tools on tools to achieve productivity. Visual Studio Team System 2010 in conjunction with Team Foundation Server attempts to rectify this by unifying the underlying flow of information between design, development and test disciplines.

In this session Stephen Godbold will highlight the enhancements made to the Team Suite offering that will drive up quality through a single source of truth and a shared application view across teams. He will demonstrate how this relates to you and your team by walking through the lifecycle of a bug in a typical application from discovery during testing to analysis, solution design, fix, and quality management before release.

What’s new in Visual Studio 2010

Canberra .Net User Group
King O’Malleys, Canberra
Microsoft, Canberra

The Visual Studio 2010 Community Technology Preview is an early look at the environment that will make up a large part of a .Net developers life in the near future. This session will delve into the CTP by taking a walk in the shoes of an everyday bug from discovery to release and the steps that make up the in between. Come along and check out the new features that will make you happier by making your code better, your job easier, and your team more productive by reducing the obstacles you face in your everyday coding life.

Structuring Visual Studio Solutions for Team Development

Tech Ed 2008
Sydney Convention Centre

A chalk talk on how to organise solutions to simplify the way your team works. This talk aims to teach you a few handy tips and tricks around solution structure that will make the life of the developer simpler, and more productive.

Structuring Visual Studio Solutions for Team Development

RDN ReadiPrimer
Cliftons, Melbourne
Microsoft, Melbourne

A primer session on how to organise solutions to simplify the way your team works. This talk aims to teach you a few handy tips and tricks around solution structure that will make the life of the developer simpler, and more productive.


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  1. Nate Loomis

    Hi Steve,

    I’d be interested to see your presentation on Continuous Delivery. Thanks for the blog post on TFS Deployer and MS Deploy! I found it useful.

    Kind Regards


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