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8 Days and Counting

That’s right, only 8 days left until Code Camp kicks off for ’09! While I’m madly trying to brush up my presentation to entertain and bedazzle (or at least just keep you awake) make sure you’re checking the scheduling updates on the site, and have everything prepared for a mad weekend of geek fun!


Code Camp Oz 2009 – Where will you be?

It seems Code Camp Oz is starting to ramp up again this year as Mitch has just announced the speaker list! He’s also thrown out the challenge to everyone in the .Net development community to show up and build the atmosphere! Watching the presenters is only half the conference – the other (and arguably more important part) is the social networking. Come and meet other dev’s and share your passion – talk to the presenters, and bounce ideas off your peers!

So do you have plans for the 4th and 5th of April? Do your friends from work? Get a road trip organised and get to code camp!