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Team Build 2010 – Community Content

Something I regularly monitor in the “VSTS” space is the VSTS Feed Aggregator hosted by Accentient. It’s a great way to keep in touch with a group of MVP and team blogs without having to track down the feeds individually. One of the blogs I do subscribe to though is the Ed Squared blog. The product of Ed Blankenship and Ed Kisinger, the blog has recently seen an influx of content on Team Build 2010 from Ed B, including this mornings post which aggregates a bunch of great Team Build posts.

Also hidden in there is a link to the Team Build 2010 Contrib project on codeplex. The intent of this project is to be:

“a place for build engineers to share workflow activities, build processes, and tools for Team Build 2010.”

The project is currently empty, but the call is out for contributors, and content. I’ve signed up as a contributor, and have a couple of tasks in mind. If you’ve played with Team Build 2010 and have written some custom workflow activities, have a request for an activity or would like to add your expertise to the project why not head over to the site and either put in a request or get in touch with one of the coordinators and offer your assistance!


Structuring Solutions for Team Development – Screencast

In response to a request I’ve made a screen cast version of the RDN session I ran in Melbourne a few weeks ago. This is a cut down version, with just the core parts of the presentation. Enjoi!

You can check it out here.