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Computers for Schools

I noticed a post on one of the forums I visit this morning. It went a little like this…

“My childs school is running a fund raiser so they can upgrade their old PC’s in classrooms”

This concerns me a little. I would have though in this day and age, when every second person has a blog, internet news sources are causing significant loses to print media and the music industry suffers from not properly embracing digital media the least we could manage would be to give our schools recent and relevant IT resources.

Maybe it’s just me, and maybe it has to do with the fact that I earn a living on this little box of electronic pulses but I just can’t understand why a school wouldn’t have what in my opinion is the worlds greatest learning resource available to every child. Perhaps the funding model for our schools needs some attention?

Anyway – I’ve donated a few dollars, and if you’re interested in helping a school provide it’s students with up to date computers, contact me via my details from the about page and I’ll set you up with the details for donation.