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LINQ to SQL or LINQ to Entities?

On one of the Readify mail lists there was a question raised about whether LINQ to SQL would support LINQ to Oracle. There was some discussion over if a direct use would work, passing an Oracle friendly connection object to the data context (which accepts an IConnection) or if a 3rd party option was available. I went away for a day or two down to the coast and returned to see another email in the chain pointing out something we hadn’t thought of…

Why use LINQ to SQL at all? Why not use LINQ to Entities! The email also linked to a post that has a nice concise summary of when you should use LINQ to SQL and when LINQ to Entities is appropriate. The blog post is available here, and I recommend that you continue on through to the linked MSDN article for more info (which is available here for quick reference).

Thanks to Chris for the idea and the pointer to this article!