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TFS Unboxed – A journey through 2010

Since 2005, Team Foundation Server (TFS) has been providing integrated version control, work management and build capabilities. The release of TFS 2010 builds on the foundations formed in the earlier 2005 and 2008 products and focuses on lowering the barrier of entry for teams wanting to get the maximum benefit from TFS with minimal implementation fuss.

If you’ve been thinking about adopting TFS, or are just interested to see what it could bring to your development effort this is a great opportunity to experience what TFS 2010 has to offer. In this session you’ll see both myself and our test partners at KJ Ross walk through everything to do with TFS from installation and getting the basics of version control, build and work item tracking running to what is possible with a fully integrated build, test and lab setup.

By the end of the half-day session you will:

  • be able to install and configure TFS to suit your need
  • understand the benefits that SharePoint and SQL Reporting can bring as optional extras
  • know the role TFS plays in each of the SDLC disciplines and how it can add value

This is definitely an opportunity not to be missed!

The details:

What: TFS Unboxed – A journey through 2010

When: Friday the 25th of June (morning and afternoon sessions available)

Who: Stephen Godbold (Readify), Dr Mark Pedersen and Dr Tafline Murnane (KJ Ross)

Where: Microsoft, 1 Epping Rd, North Ryde, Sydney Australia

Cost: $75 (includes light refreshments)

Register for the morning session here or the afternoon session here


Australian ALM Conference Wrap Up

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the first annual Australian ALM Conference. My talk covered a “What’s new” of Team Build as well as the customisation experience for Team Build 2010. It was really great to see a large group of people interested in Team Build and I was really excited by some of the post-session questions.

If you were interested in obtaining the slide deck, or the sample code I wrote during the session the event organisers have posted them in a zip on the Agenda page of the Australian ALM site.

If you have any questions I didn’t get to answer during/after the session feel free to contact me on stephen.godbold at gmail.com or tweet me on @SteveGodbold

Australian ALM Conference Dates and Early Bird Offer

Australian ALM LogoThe Australian ALM conference dates have been re-announced recently, and registrations have opened.  This means now is the best time to take advantage of the early bird offer – if you’re one of the first 50 attendees to register for the conference you will receive a free NFR copy of Microsoft Expression Studio 3.0!

The conference will be held on the 13th and 14th of April at the one and only Luna Park in Sydney, Australia. It will showcase some great Australian and international speakers in two content tracks and includes the option of attending post conference training. The event will also be the official Microsoft Australia launch for Visual Studio 2010, so if you’re interested in application lifecycle management or want to get a feel for what makes up the Visual Studion 2010 offering head over the registration site and grab your ticket now!

Australian ALM Early Bird Offer

Code Camp Oz 2009 – Resource Post

As promised, here’s the resource post for yesterdays VS2010 talk!

The VS2010 CTP can be converted into a Hyper-V image, which is how I was using it during yesterdays demos. If you have Hyper-V head over here to Grant Holliday’s blog to find out how to turn the VPC image into Hyper-V.

Additionally, unfortunately the CTP has actually expired – but fortunately there is a workaround, which is available on Cameron Skinners blog over here.

There are a group of good walkthroughs for a lot of the features I demo’d in the CTP. They are a great place to start looking around. Be sure to also check out the Channel 9 videos from PDC 2008.

If you’ve got any questions around anything in the CTP, or anything you asked in during the presentation that I couldn’t cover at the time feel free to contact me via my email on stephen.godbold @ readify.net by removing the spaces.

Link Summary

Update: As requested, my slide deck is now available on slide share. You can get it here.

Code Camp Oz 2009 – Where will you be?

It seems Code Camp Oz is starting to ramp up again this year as Mitch has just announced the speaker list! He’s also thrown out the challenge to everyone in the .Net development community to show up and build the atmosphere! Watching the presenters is only half the conference – the other (and arguably more important part) is the social networking. Come and meet other dev’s and share your passion – talk to the presenters, and bounce ideas off your peers!

So do you have plans for the 4th and 5th of April? Do your friends from work? Get a road trip organised and get to code camp!

Canberra .Net User Group – VS 2010 Resource Post

The slide deck for the session including the links are available from here in my SkyDrive. Thanks to everyone who came, and I hope you’ve caught the VS2010 bug!

I must say a really big thanks to Peter Sullivan and Bud de Silva for helping me out with hardware this week. The demo was done on Peter’s laptop and external HDD and I got the CTP from Bud and had his drive as a backup in case things went south with the CTP on Peters. Cheers guys – I couldn’t have done the talk without your help!

If you liked the presentation, and would be interested in seeing it again – or if you’d like to show it to somebody else let me know and I can either try and Camtasia it (not sure about Camtasia and the CTP memory wise) or I can even give it again in person after the holiday season!