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Why Blog?

Having recently asked myself this question I was very keen to have a read of this post over at Newly Corporate. I think they’ve made some excellent points – but I would expand on something they’ve touched on with point 2.

When they say it’s a good way to practice project management I would say it’s more than just a way to practice. I would say that a blog is a way to teach. Not in a condescending sense, but as a sharing exercise. Something I’ve picked up recently is that there are three key tenets to learning – discover, master, influence. Blogging is a significant part of mastering, and influencing in my opinion.

The reason being that in my opinion you don’t truly know something until you can successfully teach it to somebody else. Once you have that ability you have mastered the subject. You can then influence peoples thinking by guiding them in their learning while teaching. This not only reinforces your subject matter knowledge but also drives your social interaction skills, which they also mention.

So why do you blog?