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Issues when importing a TFS Project Collection

Recently I moved a project collection between two servers that varied significantly in their configuration. The source server was configured with all the trimmings except for project server integration. The target server was configured as a basic instance with the addition of SQL Reporting and Analysis Services. During the import I encountered 2 issues that I needed to resolve.



On importing the collection a failure is seen due to lab management configuration being present.

[System.MissingFieldException ‘ProjectServerRegistration’] 

On importing the collection a failure is seen due to the server being unable to locate a specific field required to support Project Server synchronisation.


As part of Team Foundation Server Service Pack 1 the above issues are patched, and therefore should be resolved. However due to the patching process not performing a restart of the TFS Job Agent the older assemblies may still be loaded. This causes the issues to still surface.


There are 2 possible resolutions to these problems. The first is the recommended solution.

1. Restart the server.

2. Quiesce then un-quiesce the application tier using TFSServiceControl.

Both will effectively restart the TFS job service and allow the new assemblies to be loaded.