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VS2010 Team Build Fails on x64 Build Server – Cannot find targets

I finally got everything set up this evening in my virtual environment so that I was ready to bring across some source code and start exercising the VSTS 2010 beta bits. So I imported the source for (shameless plug) the Canberra VSTS User Group website into my development VM, fixed up the MVC issues and checked in the source skeleton. Next step, define some builds to test out the gated check in and CI capabilities – with a view to also exercising the test data collection.

No sooner had I attempted my first check in, and watched with glee as the gated build initiated correctly did my happiness turn to confusion. The build had failed with a could not find targets error…

Build Target Failure

Build Target Failure

Why would that happen I wondered? Then I realised that my build server was a Windows 7 Server x64 machine. This meant the C:\Program Files it was referencing was an x64 version. Since VS is an x86 only application the build targets live in C:\Program Files(x86)\etc.

Unfortunately at this point I can’t find a way around the issue, though it’s reported on Connect (in another guise as a C++ build target failure), so go vote the issue up and hopefully a resolution will be found. As a workaround it would be nice to be able to target either the x86 or x64 Program Files paths based on the build configuration e.g. Any CPU – use default, x86 – use C:\Program Files(x86).

For now though I guess I’ll be configuring an x86 build machine!